Husband Hunting: Mama’s Deadline

They say you can always tell a Nigerian from a sea of black people. We have that swag in our walk, that bounce in our steps that says ‘I’m here, see me’.

There are however other things that characterize us as a nation- and no it is not our coat of arms or national anthem. I’m talking about behaviors that are uniquely ours.

  • We believe in Grace; we don’t study for an exam but Grace will do it.
  • We are highly religious; maybe that’s why we believe in Grace.
  • We are obsessed with our haters, real or imaginary; Are you really a Nigerian if you don’t have haters.
  • We do not mind our business; a good neighbor will tell you when your mouth is smelling. From offering unsolicited advice to downright intrusion, our business is just not interesting enough.
  • Our mates dare not pass us; We don’t compare ourselves with our dreams and goals oh. God forbid, we compare ourselves with our goals and aspirations, lailai, just don’t lag behind your mates.
  • We love weddings and parties in general

These characteristics informed my conversation with mummy this morning. Her words were simply; ‘Chichi, you are twenty eight and have a good job. You need to get married. If you don’t get married by December, you’re leaving this house. By the time you pay rent in Lagos, you will know the importance of having a loving partner’.

It is the 1st of January, I have a year to bring home a husband or find a house. I browse the internet and the cost of houses makes me decide that finding a husband is an easier option. I really can’t afford the million million rent I ‘m seeing.

I smile as I go down memory lane remembering all the guys I dated, this babe has been through a lot sha.  But first, let’s talk about the 1st day a guy toasted me.



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