Marriage makes you more successful

The valentine craze is over and we can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Being single during the valentine season is especially difficulte especially as you get older.

The concept of self love has been developed and propagated in recent times. And indeed, self love is extremely important as it is the foundation of our experiences and human interaction.

While a group of single sisters were discussing this concept of self love, someone mentioned that ‘married women or women in healthy loving relationships had higher chances of success than their single counterparts’.

This sparked an argument that led to us googling the validity of the statement and we found out that it is indeed true that healthy relationships help women thrive in their endeavors.

According to certain publications found online, women in committed and loving relationships have higher chances of success than their single counterparts and the following reasons were given;

  • Marriage helps you develop skills like negotiating, influence etc. necessary for success in the workplace and business.
  • Marriage keeps you focused; because you’re not constantly thinking about your love life.
  • People in loving relationships are generally happier and healthier;  as they have emotional support and someone who pushes them to stay healthy.
  • Combined social and financial capital is available to the married people.

There were also publications that stated that being single makes you more successful and some of the reasons for this are;

  • More time to focus on dreams and ambitions
  • Less stress due to marital/relationship issues
  • Less dependencies to consider when taking opportunities.

My conclusion is that we should love ourselves and make the best of whatever phase in life we are in. Loving someone and being loved in return is a beautiful thing and being single is also beautiful. We need to be honest with ourselves; if we want a loving relationship then we should go for it being honest with potential partners about who we are and what our aspirations are.

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