My Boss hates me because I’m Smart

How many times have we heard people make statements like this?

My boss hates me cos I’m smarter than he is.

My boss hates me cos I’m more beautiful than she is

My boss hates me cos people like me more……

There are a lot of reasons people give for their boss hating on/picking on them. In a fair world, people will be professional and act properly but then, we live in the real world and people hate people, pick on people, etc.

How then do we handle a situation where the boss hates us:

  • Objectively look at the situation: Ask yourself if you contribute to the hatred in anyway? Do you rub your smartness in the face of the boss, are you blindly opinionated. etc. Be honest with yourself and if you do any of the points mentioned, make genuine steps to change not only for this job but to make you a better person. 
  • Cultivate positive, healthy relationships in the work place; cultivate allies, make friends that love you for who you are across all levels. This is not for political reasons, but rather to have enough positive energy to  counteract the negative vibes from your boss.
  • Stay calm and trust yourself; approach the situation as a student faced with a new subject. Maybe this is the first time you are experiencing such hate but you need to stay calm and convince yourself that you will ride the wave and come out better. Staying calm also prevents the boss from making you look bad.
  • Don’t moan, complain or bitch about the boss; Your boss is possibly bad mouthing you and even if she isn’t, people have noticed the maltreatment right? However, while it may be easy to complain and play the pity party, victims are not powerful. If you must complain, do it officially to HR but stay clear off the petty road, your boss is probably doing that, so take the high road.
  • Practice Gratitude; Make a list of the good things in your life and career and be thankful for them.
  • Plan your next moves; Calmly decide what you want to do after careful thinking. This will help you feel like you’re in charge of your life. 
  • Exit gracefully; If you do get another job, make sure you exit gracefully. Be nice and friendly till the end. During the exit interview, the reason for leaving is ‘career advancement’ There is no need to badmouth the boss or anyone else.
  • Pray; This should actually be the 1st thing to do. You’re praying not for God to take the situation away but for him to give you guidance and the strength to follow through.

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