Delilah’s Persuasion Kit

The name Delilah connotes negative emotions. To some, she may even be worse than Jezebel as she brings to mind a manipulative and vile woman who caused the downfall of one of the strongest men.
However, Delilah can arguably be called one of the most persuasive people in the bible. Persuasion simply defined is an act of causing people to do or believe something.
In order to fully understand why Delilah should be regarded as one of the most persuasive people, it is important that we understand what she was up against.
– Samson and Delilah’s people were sworn enemies.
– Samson knew he was sent from God to destroy her people.
– Samson was told by his mother (who heard directly from and Angel) NEVER to let a razor touch his hair.
With all these against Delilah, she still persuaded Samson to take a life shattering decision.
While no one approves of what Delilah did, here are tools from her persuasion kit we will find useful:
  1. Create a connection first; Get people to know you and like you. While you don’t have to sleep with them, create an emotional connection.
  2. Be goal oriented but interested in others; While Delilah’s goal was to get Samson’s secret, she got close to him first and made him believe she liked him for who he was.
  3. Be pleasantly persistent; You must keep asking in a way that is appealing. This is tricky as there is a very thin line above which persistence becomes a source of irritation.
  4. Handle rejections gracefully; Samson lied to Delilah a couple of times but she handled each rejection gracefully.

While many do not approve of what Delilah did, the lessons learnt from her story can work for us.

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