When a Strength is a Weakness

Strengths are the areas in which we do well and most times, they have served us perfectly.

However, there are certain times our strengths become weaknesses.

Maybe growing up we are applauded for being smart, outspoken, bold and daring and they have served us well but as we begin to experience life, a different ‘us’ is demanded. This can be a trying time but it is definitely a most defining time. How we respond to this period will determine if we move forward or stay stuck. We can choose to grow, evolve and become better or we can stay defending habits that no longer serve us positively.

We all know that one person considered most likely to succeed who made a huge mess of things in their lives.

In order to ensure that our strengths do not become weakness, we need to do the following;

  • Do a SWOT analysis of ourselves and celebrate ourselves; yes, it is important to know yourself and be grateful for every strength and seeming weakness that you have.
  • Develop situational awareness; a close friend likes to call it ‘Village sense’ which is the ability to look at situations realistically and make accurate judgement calls.
  • Adjust yourself to suit the situation; sit down, be humble! yes, the reasonable person adapts to suit the situation while the unreasonable person forces the world to adapt to him. Listen to life when it tries to teach you so you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes.


The idiot of the 21st century is one who cannot
Learn, unlearn and relearn.


  1. Anonymous

    Hi Peculiar, just wanted a bit of advise if you have any for me 🙂 I like your articles and I feel like you have a lot of valuable life experiences. This is nothing particularly related to your post. I recently read your Bella nails article on why we are hurt by fake friends and wanted to share my experience.

    So.. I am one who usually worries a lot, about my single status, job, lack of friends, fake friends who hurt me, just about anything. I love the Lord and recently I think I underestimated the peace of mind the Lord gave me. I had a former friend -the person I thought was my best friend while in school – who stopped talking to me for no reason. She went as far as deleting me from her facebook and deleting my number. Last time I spoke with her she said "who is this", I was so pissed and just told her wish you the best. I guess she decided to take a different path in life which is OK but for some reason I was so angry with her I just cut her off too. I didn’t realize it was important to keep moving forward and not have any expectations because recently I sought her out on the internet and tried to see if she was really OK. I saw she was fine but then suddenly I started having mysterious headaches that wouldn’t go away for a while and I just kept seeing her everywhere. It was so hard fighting her off but God has been wonderful and The anxiety and panic attacks have all gone now and soon the headaches will completely disappear. It has been over two years since I spoke with her and I actually thought I had moved on from that but something in me maybe OCD wanted to know why. I guess I had not fully accepted it and peaked because I recently lost my dad and a mutual friend told me she told her. So I probably had an unhealthy expectation to hear from her. It was so toxic that I had to acknowledge that I probably needed to learn to forgive her and really move on. I had to take it spiritually and fight with prayers. Because I couldn't understand how I could just be seeing her and having headaches someone I had practically forgotten, a girl for that matter.

    My point is when God is taking you somewhere don’t look back and maybe what happened to be also taught me that it’s OK when people don’t want to be friends with you. It’s their choice and their right and I didn’t have any right to be angry if they didn’t call me. I also discovered I had been really worried and unhappy for a long time and perhaps seeing that girl just ticked me off. I am grateful for God’s abounding mercies and he has won this battle for me.
    I am ready for a relationship now, to meet my husband and start a better God filled life ahead. I am just thankful for each day and I don’t think too deeply about negative situations again by God’s grace.
    God bless.
    Thanks for your time. Keep up your blog. It's inspiring.

  2. Peculiar Okafor

    Hi dear,

    In our journey of life, we meet various people some are meant to last for a lifetime and some for a season.

    When people leave, we just need to trust that God has great plans for you.

    Your best days are ahead of you dear.

    Thanks a lot for your kind words, they make blogging worth it.

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