You are only allowed to be your best self

We’ve all experienced these scenarios;

  • Someone is talkative, obnoxious and badly behaved and you’re told ignore because they are being themselves.
  • Someone doesn’t take the time to appear neat and present themselves properly but again, they are being themselves. 
  • Someone acts in generally not so acceptable ways and they are being themselves.

I am a firm believer that people should be themselves but then if we are made in the image of God for a purpose, then an annoying, obnoxious, indiscipline person isn’t the ‘self’ that we are. It is a bad side of the wonderful masterpiece that God has created and we should reject.

If we talk a lot, then we need to cultivate the art of listening and empathy so that we can give the right response. If we really aren’t the dressy type, then we can at least ensure that we are neat.

God has created us to be so much more so the rule is ‘BE YOUR BEST SELF’

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